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Welcome to Plus Size World, where living large has never been easier.

Our goal at Plus Size World is to provide our readers with the most comprehensive collection of plus size information that can be found anywhere on the Web.

Start here. No matter what you're looking for, chances are it can be found within one of our many plus size shopping and information categories. Don't forget to checkout our Promotions page for special deals to make your shopping experience even sweeter.

This is our favorite find of the week.
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Finally the long, hot days of summer are almost behind us. I have to admit I am not a fan of summer. I love spring and fall. Winter I can tolerate because there is always another piece of clothing I can add to warm up. But summer . . . well, there is only so much you can take off to cool down, while still maintaining your decency, of course.

It's time to throw open the closet door and take inventory. Box up your warm weather clothing or send them to the back of the closet. Make room at the front of the closet for winter clothing which will soon be needed. Sort clothing and either throw away or donate anything which you no longer wear. Make repairs where needed.

Next, you will be ready to take stock of what is left and decide on any additions you may need to make. Personally, I no longer follow the trends, and don't miss them one bit. Over the years my individual style has developed, and it is one which I find very comfortable. I prefer classic clothing which does not change a whole lot from year to year. Including the following:

  • Black Bottoms - My classic, non-trend style normally begins with something black on the bottom. Either a black skirt or pants. I love black on bottom and it's not because black is slimming. Black is a color almost everyone can wear, is easy to find, is attractive and I love it that I can throw any top with black bottoms and have an instant match. The more uncomplicated I can make my life the more I enjoy.

  • Boots - Knee high wide calf leather boots are warm and dry. A good leather pair will last many years. (Bonus: I don't need to wear pantyhose. Got to love that!) Many online retailers carry extra wide calf boots including, Avenue, and Lane Bryant.

    HINT: Boots can be expensive. Keep them nice longer with a good pair of boot shapers.

  • Silk Long Underwear - These are like thermal undies with long sleeves and legs, but thinner and more comfortable to wear. They are thin, but will add a layer of warmth to keep you toasty warm. You will also absolutely love them under anything made with itchy wool. These are available from Junonia.

  • Wide Width Socks - Regular size socks just won't do if you have large plus-sized calf muscles in your legs. There is no need to put up with tight socks. One solution may be to shop for men's socks which are often wider than women's. You can also shop for "diabetic socks icon" which are wider and stretchier at the top so as not to cut off circulation. They are great for diabetics, but can also be worn by anyone who needs a looser fitting sock.

  • A Warm Coat - Website and catalog retailers have a large variety of gorgeous, stylish coats available. You will find gorgeous leathers, faux furs, swing coats, and raincoats.

  • Sweaters - Last but not least, I will probably add one or two new sweaters. I love sweaters and get a lot of wear out of them. They are quick to pair with those black pants I love for a quick, yet smart-looking outfit.

Ready, set . . . GO get ready for Fall.

This is our favorite find of the week.
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Every once in awhile during the course of the day as we shop, work and play here at Plus Size World we come across something which makes us simply stop and say "WOW!"

Such is the case with the purse I write about today. Except it was "WOW! I want it! I want it! I want it!"

Shoebuy.comtracking is the Internet's largest shoe store. They carry a large assortment of shoes in extra wide sizes, which was the reason for my visit there. You would think with such a large selection that shoe shopping alone would have kept me occupied. But once I saw that "HANDBAGS" link I had to have a look.

I must admit, I have a severe purse fetish! I love them, especially when made of fine leather. In addition to shoes, has over 800 purses listed at their site. I was in heaven, of course.

The purse I want is a hand-painted leather design by Anuschka.tracking I would "borrow" and post a picture here to show you, but you know that copyright thing. However, I do have a link to all Anuschkatracking designs. As you'll see Anuschka has a large variety from which to choose. The one I'm drooling for is called Premium Safari. It is available as both a large tote, a mini-satchel and saddle bag.

The best thing about Shoebuy.comtracking is "Free Shipping, Free Returns, No Sales Tax and 110% Price Guarantee on Every Purchase". How can I go wrong with that?

Below are a couple of discount codes for use at Shoebuy.comtracking if you're interested.

See more deals.View past favorites.

We Are Blogging
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What is blogging?

That is a very good question and one I'm sure a lot of people are asking. Well, at least I was asking it a lot. Ever since the last presidential election I had been hearing about blogging a lot in the news. I had no idea what one was but decided to find out. And now . . . looky, look HERE. *I* am a blogger. Hehe!

A blog, basically is nothing more than an online journal of a person's daily thoughts and activities. Now I have one. Woohoo! And don't I feel ultra modern and hip. Happy Face

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog. Bookmark it if you like. I plan to use it for keeping anyone who care to listen updated with what is new to the site, good deals and sales alerts, daily activities, etc.

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