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Join The No-Diet Revolution

Join us in support of the 'No-Diet Revolution'!

No-Diet does not mean we have given up and given in to the idea of getting fatter and fatter. It simply means that dieting down to a perfect, little, size 6 is not our goal. The No-Diet Revolution believes in accepting your size whatever it may be and working with what you have from that point forward. Obsessing about loosing weight is not the goal, healthy living is.

Too often as a fat person I have felt like because I failed to stay on the last diet and failed to loose weight and keep it off I might as well not even try. I have let myself think that because I couldn't stick with the chosen diet plan I am unworthy and a complete failure. I have in the past taken severe beating -- the worst kind delivered by my own hand -- for failing to do what statistics say a majority of the rest of the population cannot do either.

According to research statics 95-98% of the people who loose weight on a diet plan fail to keep the weight off. Those stats can mean only one thing -- a whole lot of yo-yo dieting going on. Experts in the field are in agreement that yo-yo dieting, that is creating a situation where a person's weight bounces low and then high again over and over, is detrimental to a person's health. So why is another diet the best prescription for a fat person? It isn't.

This is the basis behind the 'No-Diet Revolution'. Just because I can't become a size 6 should not mean that I give up on being a healthy, active size 26. No matter what our size it should be our goal to eat healthy foods and maintain an active lifestyle which makes us feel better both physically and mentally.

You can find support online for this new revolution at the following websites:

HUGS International is a Canadian-based organization with a worldwide reach. HUGS stands for It is Health focused, centered on Understanding lifestyle behaviors, Group supported, and Self esteem building. The offer workshops in cities worldwide for adults and teens which are designed to instill confidence and focus on health, nourishing eating and activity patterns, and self-acceptance rather than dieting and weight loss.

INDD - International No Diet Day is an annual celebration of body acceptance and diversity. It is observed on May 6 each year.

Beyond Dieting: Your Alternative to Weight Preoccupation