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How to Shop Safe Online
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Shopping online opens a world of options which you won't find available anywhere else. However, it is not completely without risks. You can protect yourself by being cautious and knowing what to look out for.

Millions of people shop online every year without a problem. Do a little research before you buy and you'll feel much better about making that purchase.

The safest way to shop online is using a credit card. Why? Because you are protected against fraud through your credit card issuing company.

Credit card companies offer you protection from online fraud because, quite simply, it is in their best interest.

Online shopping is big and becoming bigger. According to The Washington Times online shopping is predicted to grow to $117 billion by the year 2008.

Credit card companies collect fees on every payment made. This is in addition to the interest they charge you, the consumer. Imagine the potential? Of course they don't want to ruin this. That means they want to keep you happy, feeling secure about using the card and shopping to your heart's content.

To read more about protecting yourself online both Mastercard and Visa offer excellent information at their websites. Almost all online websites will accept these two major credit cards. (If they don't, run fast!) Quite a few will accept Discover as well.

For additional information you should check out, a site put together by the American Bar Association. They have done an excellent job of detailing the legalities of dealing with credit card fraud and how to avoid it.

Do you not have a credit card yet? Read on.
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Below are a couple of credit providers who are currently offering excellent incentives if you sign up for their card.

This card is prepaid so it is very easy to get. Prepaid means you must put money down as a deposit against what you will be spending on the card. It is much safer than using cash, money orders or checks. There is no credit check or bank account required.

Do away with costly Money Orders and COD's when you purchase a product or service online. Pay with a Prepaid MasterCard Card. Easy to get. No credit check or bank account required. Everyone QUALIFIES* for a card.

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