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Personal Inspiration

The links on this page lead to some of my favorite places anywhere on the Internet. If you are a plus size person, as I am, I suggest you bookmark and visit often.

The world around us can be extremely negative with regards to large people, leaving us with negative feelings about ourselves. I try to stay positive and visit these links every so often to get back my sense of balance. I want a clear change from all the negative stereotyping of fat people. I want to know I am not alone. I want to be inspired by others like myself who are living full, rich lives. I come here to rejuvenate and begin to heal and feel good about myself again. I hope these links will do the same for you.

NOTICE: Some of the links below contain
tasteful, artistic nudity. If this is likely to
offend you, please exit this page now.

Living Well, Living Plus Size

Read stories of others living in large bodies who are living wonderful lives regardless and it reminds me to do the same. Size doesn't have to slow us down.

Have you ever attended an "all fat" conference or travel cruise party? Read this article, "Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance" by Mary Ray Worley for an idea of how it can change your life.

Plus Size Art

Beauty comes in all size and the proof is here. As you view some of these photos I want you to remember that you are every bit as beautiful as these men or women. Don't think so? Why not? Of course you are. We are all beautiful in our own way. It is not simply being a size 6 which defines beauty.

Real Women Project
The "Real Woman Project" immortalizeds thirteen women in bronze. These are real women with real bodies from age 14 to 75. Be sure to read each wonderful poem which accompanies each piece.

IANARDO's BBW Art Gallery
I just love this guys work. Some day I'm going to have one of these done of myself. I have a birthday coming up and I'm dropping the hints.

Living Large Creations
See big, beautiful women in assorted poses all created in stained glass works of art. Gorgeous!

This artistic gallery features ancient, Venus of Willendorf style art.
A whimsical, fat-friendly art site portraying fat men and women having fun and enjoying life.

Fernando Botero
Fine art and posters done in beautiful colors with gorgeous details.

GutArt Gallery
Beautiful plus size women painted in oils and watercolors. Prints available.

Paul Delacroix
Beautiful drawings of plus sized women many in swimsuits or exotic Hawaiian looking locations.

Large and Luscious
A Celebration of Big Beautiful Women. This site is dedicated to the celebration of the "full figured" female body, through art.

Radiance - The Magazine for Large Women
After 16 years the printing of Radiance was on hold in December 2000. Their website still exists and you are still able to order back issues of the magazine they still have art and t-shirts available for sale. They have great articles as well.

Positive Images
Gorgeous watercolor paintings by Heinz Guth. Photographs by Saelon Renkes.

Susan Mason's Art Gallery

Plus Size Paper Dolls
Cute and colorful. This is a great idea. These would make an excellent birthday or Christmas gift for a young child.

Remiz Art
Plus size paintings and chalk drawings. Tote bags, pillows and aprons.

Botero Fine Art

Other Places of Interest on the Internet

Embracing Our Size Blog

Behind the scenes with Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty where "Real Women Have Curves".


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